Accomplishments as NSBE National Treasurer

  • Decreased inefficient budgeting by ~3% ($115,000, Completed 9/2012)
  • Increased programmatic spending in the Academic Excellence budget by more than 300% (Completed 9/2012)Baker_Corey_13
  • Strategically earmarked funds to fully support 26 students for the 2013 Summer Bridge pilot program (Completed 9/2012)
  • Increased chapter relief by 33% ($10,000, Completed 9/2012)
  • Redesigned NSBE’s budget infrastructure and developed new budget practices
  • Stabilized NSBE’s budget and developed templates to detect and correct instability (Completed in two phases: 9/2012, 3/2013) 
  • Created models and restructured SEEK Financial Operations that moved the program from operating in pilot state into a program that can safely grow and be sustainable (Completed in three phases: 9/2012, 3/2013, 7/2013) 
  • Developed process/presentations to show BCA their ROI (1/2013)
  • Allocated more funding to Summer Bridge, and the program will be supporting over 100 students for 2014 (Completed 3/2013)
  • Restructured the organization’s Financial Policy (Completed 6/2013)
  • Created BCA Dashboard Idea and Concept (Completed 8/2013)
  • Established new methods and templates for NSBE Financial Quarterly reporting (11/2013)

I have had the privilege of serving as your National Treasurer for two terms (4/2012-3/2013 and 4/2013-3/2014) and directly impact NSBE in many ways. Though our organization has consistently made around the same amount of revenue over the last 5 years (around ~10m), I’ve been able to identify/take-advantage of opportunities in our organization’s finances that significantly impact this organization. This impact was felt at all levels of the organization and positively affected the Programs, Membership, Communication, and Finance zones.  I have managed to carry out the items above, all without sacrificing any area of the organization. During my two terms, I have also made and passed 8 motions to two different National Executive Board and have never presented a motion that did not pass. This is something I’m extremely proud of, because it shows that I managed to keep the NEB fully informed and in support of my financial recommendations as well as educate the Board well enough to vote “yes”. Passing all financial motions is something that the National Treasurer who served in the immediate years before me, could not accomplish.