About Justin

Justin Dunnavant is a Ph.D student studying archaeology in the Department of Anthropology at the University of Florida. In addition to his academics, Justin is also a founding member of the Society of Black Archaeologists and blogs for He has been named a Ford Foundation Predoctoral Fellow for the upcoming academic year (2014-2015).

How Leaks in the Black Engineering Pipeline Affect Diversity in Industry

By Corey E. Baker and Justin Dunnavant. Pipeline artwork by Hasani McIntosh (Updated on 8/12/14 to reflect diversity numbers released from Apple) It’s no secret that Blacks are underrepresented in almost every area of STEM. Universities, non-profit organizations, and the government have all developed programs to try and curb this situation. But how do we begin to address a problem when it’s apparent that the pipeline is broken? Once we recognize where the Black engineering pipeline is leaking, we can begin to repair the structural issues Read More +

How to Create Google Scholar Alerts to Stay Up-to-Date

I’m finishing up my 4th year as a PhD Student in Archaeology and I can say one of my biggest challenges has been keeping up with the most cutting-edge research in my field. In archaeology, as is the case with most other disciplines, scholars are constantly publishing on the newest findings, methods of data collection and theoretical perspectives. In past years I would find myself browsing through archaeology journals in the library and doing periodic online searches for the newest articles. Luckily I recently discovered Read More +