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How Leaks in the Black Engineering Pipeline Affect Diversity in Industry

By Corey E. Baker and Justin Dunnavant. Pipeline artwork by Hasani McIntosh (Updated on 8/12/14 to reflect diversity numbers released from Apple) It’s no secret that Blacks are underrepresented in almost every area of STEM. Universities, non-profit organizations, and the government have all developed programs to try and curb this situation. But how do we begin to address a problem when it’s apparent that the pipeline is broken? Once we recognize where the Black engineering pipeline is leaking, we can begin to repair the structural issues Read More +

Featured in ASEE Prism Magazine: Survival Course

African-American males represent a sliver of enrollment. More could succeed in engineering if schools understood what it takes to beat the odds. …Corey Baker had mentors throughout Alabama State, including math Ph.D. candidates who tried to goad him into following in their footsteps by pointing out how few blacks were in the field. “They knew how to push my buttons,” recalls Baker, now a doctoral candidate himself at the University of Florida. In turn, he became one of Alabama State’s few undergraduate tutors… Check out Read More +

The UTeach Program is Fighting to Improve STEM Education in Our Communities

Buried in this article are statistics that should be brought to the attention of all NSBE members. In recent years, a nationwide problem with retaining effective teachers has surfaced, due to what’s known as the “revolving door” effect. Teachers often leave the profession within five years — before they’ve had the time to gain experience. Nationally, 65 percent of teachers are still in schools five years after starting, according to NMSI. But that high turnover rate is particularly harmful for students in disadvantaged schools, which Read More +

The Demographic and Economic Tides Are Changing

If demographic trends continue, minorities will make up a majority of the US population by 2040. The demographic change will usher in a change way business will be conducted.  Currently, large companies have little economic incentive to develop products that address issues that minorities uniquely face because the buying power of White Americans significantly outweighs the combined buying power of all other groups.  By 2040, the relative buying power of minorities will be so great that it will no longer be in the best interest Read More +