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This is the vision I had for NSBE as a National Chair Candidate in the 2014. Though I did not win, this vision can still be used to assist the organization in the future. To enable NSBE to see the mission to fruition, I’ve introduced a new concept called NSBE Glass. NSBE Glass enables the organization, regions, chapters, and members the ability to see a clear path to accomplishing the mission, NSBE can then navigate the path and “increase the number” in the smartest, safest, and swiftest way possible.

So what is NSBE Glass? The individual parts of NSBE Glass are:

  • Frames – the fundamentals needed to be successful in engineering
  • Lenses – uses data to identify a clear path through engineeringFinal glasses edit
  1. Number of students with a “Positive STEM Experience” by 3rd Grade
  2. Number of students taking 8th Grade Algebra or pre-algebra
  3. Number of students taking High School Calculus or pre-calculus
  4. Number of students matriculating into schools of engineering
  5. Freshman-to-sophomore, and sophomore-to-junior Retention Rates
  6. Number of students graduating with degrees in engineering
  7. Average GPA
  8. Number of students employed as engineers or entering graduate school
  9. Provide insight and clarity to the above 8 data points
Corey Baker

About Corey Baker

I am a PhD student in Computer Engineering at the University of Florida researching in the area of delay tolerant networks and socially cognizant routing.

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