The Blue Chip Graduate Student: Making The Most Of Your Campus Visitation


You applied to your top 10 graduate schools and as you might have experienced already, waiting for admission letters can be just as nerve-racking, if not more, than the application process itself.  February is an awesome month. Not only does the U.S. take the time to learn about Black History and how Black people have impacted the world, but it is also the month universities send out campus visitation letters to their most sought-after students.

When you receive an invite to visit a university’s campus, you officially become a Blue Chip Graduate Student! “Blue Chip” is a sports term that refers to athletes who are amongst the most elite and highly recruited by many universities. Due to the many options available to a Blue Chip, universities invite these students to campus visitations and “role out the red carpet” in order to entice them to select their university. Consider yourself a Blue Chip Graduate Student and be prepared to stroll down the red carpet and be treated like royalty at every university you visit!

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Corey Baker

About Corey Baker

I am a PhD student in Computer Engineering at the University of Florida researching in the area of delay tolerant networks and socially cognizant routing.

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