’Tis The Season To Apply For Funding


Around this time of year, students are searching for funding sources for graduate schools. While graduate school applications usually fall between December and January, graduate fellowship application deadlines usually run between November and January.

In a previous blog, Road To PhD: Selecting a Graduate School [1], we composed a list for “selecting the BEST graduate school for YOU” which ranked funding as the number one factor in deciding which school to attend. Funding is the main priority because of the countless opportunities it opens up for graduate students. Acquiring your own source of funding increases the pool of universities you can attend, provides freedom with selecting an advisor and project, and relieves the burden of having to work (or work as many hours) while attending school. In this blog we discuss making yourself competitive for the Graduate Education for Minorities (GEM) Fellowship as well as other merit-based fellowships.

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Corey Baker

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I am a PhD student in Computer Engineering at the University of Florida researching in the area of delay tolerant networks and socially cognizant routing.

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